Japan Cloud Industry Association(ASPIC) ASPIC supports Cloud, ASP, SaaS, Data Center, IoT and AI businesses in the global era.

5 Activities of ASPIC

Chairperson Greeting

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your understanding and support for our business activities.
Our corporation changed the corporate name to "General Incorporated Association ASP-SaaS- AI-IoT Cloud Industry Association" (abbreviation: ASPIC) on April 1st. (Non-profit organization was changed to a general incorporated association.)
Currently, aimed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, innovations such as AI, big data, IoT, and robots are changing the state of the economy and society. Through innovation, we have the potential to solve various social issues and make our lives safer and more prosperous. The government is promoting the realization of Society 5.0 ahead of the rest of the world as a growth strategy that will build the future of Japan. The infrastructure that supports this new innovation, AI, big data, IoT, and robots has become a cloud service, and the cloud industry has become the social infrastructure that supports Society 5.0.
In such an environment, ASPIC changed its name from a non-profit organization to a general incorporated association. Based on the record of business activities for 20 years since the establishment of ASPIC, we have positioned the present as the second founding period, further expansion and development of the cloud industry, creation of cloud market, establishment of information infrastructure, improvement of corporate productivity. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable and prosperous society and the international community. ASPIC will contribute to the realization of Society 5.0 and will become a corporation with an even greater presence.